Washington DC – Day 24

Washington DC - Day 24

The Pulitzer Prize Winning Photos…
Of suffering and starvation,
Of desperation,
Of joy and jubilation
Of degradation, shame and hope
Of humility and tears,
Of laughter, pride and rejoicing,
Of love and horror,
Of terror, compassion and care
Of courage and exhilaration
Of us …


Freedom is not free – Day 23

Freedom is not free - Day 23

Our walks today have been confronting for me. ‘ Freedom is not free’ … so many lives lost to preserve and protect freedom, so much courage and sacrifice. We witnessed strangers walking up to veterans and saying, ‘God bless you, thank you for what you did’. Heartfelt gratitude and respect. The words of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jnr. – so stirring, so inspirational. Evil and goodness co-exist, in nations and individuals – I wish there was an easy answer ….

Democracy – Day 21

Democracy - Day 21

Democracy seems to be another word for compromise – so many opinions, values, perceptions, views, prejudices, experiences, loves, hates, thoughts, concerns to be taken into account – I am surprised that decisions can ever be made. So frustrating … and then we visit the Holocaust Museum and democracy with all it’s faults and compromising slowness is the best we have. Along with thousands of others, I pledge to do my best to protect the human rights of every person on our earth.

Capitol Hill – Day 21

Capitol Hill - Day 21

Walking around Capitol Hill this afternoon everything seems so calm, so benign. It’s quiet, with a few tourists and fellow travellers, the traffic is light, the skies cloudy, the weather warm. And yet, the men and women in this building have so much power over so many people – in the USA and the world. They hold lives and livelihoods in their hands. Underneath the peaceful surface, greed and power seethe. The complexity of the political system seems to have a life of its own, based on economic values not people’s lives.

On Top of the Rock – Day 20

On Top of the Rock - Day 20

Whoosh! 67 floors in just 30 seconds or so and we are looking at New York spread out before us as we stand on The Rockefeller Building. The air is clear and cool and we can almost see forever. The setting sun gives the buildings a golden glow as they cast long shadows over Central Park. The light and the dark of the amazing and complex city.